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I suspect that you found our website because you are experiencing one of a homeowner’s greatest stressors, a wildlife issue. Perhaps you have a bird in a vent, a raccoon in your chimney, a bat in your living space, a skunk under the shed or a squirrel that has moved into your attic, we can help. Innovative Wildlife Solutions humanely solves your wildlife problems through reliable and affordable removal and prevention services.

Innovative Wildlife Solutions prides itself on being a local company, which for our customers means that we are close by and ready to respond. We know that most people have busy lives, and are not always available during the day to wait for a company to respond. We have been there are well!! To provide enhanced service, we strive to respond when it suits the needs of our customers, and often times are even available for weekend appointments.

One feature that distinguishes Innovative Wildlife Solutions from other companies is that our initial inspection and quote are offered free of change. We take time to thoroughly inspect all areas of the home and provide you with an honest assessment of our findings. We believe in the importance of homeowners making an informed decision about urban wildlife mitigation solutions and focus on educating our customers, not pressuring them into a sale. Our company values, trust, honesty, integrity and safety, and we strive to integrate these into our daily work and customer interactions. We employ humane methods that protect the animals, while still supporting the needs of the homeowner.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and blog. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of your residential or commercial wildlife concerns.

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