One of the most popular species to gain access to urban dwellings is squirrels. Quite often they will vacate their natural habitat of a pile of leaves in a tree or a hollow section of a tree trunk to move into the comforts of a buildings attic and soffit. Squirrels will gain entry into homes and businesses by chewing through plastic vents or exposed wood on a roof or soffit. Sometimes they will accidentally fall down a chimney from which they cannot climb back out, while other times they will live in exhaust vents for bathrooms or kitchens. 




The longer squirrels stay in a den site, the more damage they can potentially cause through compaction of the insulation, depositing of urine and feces and chewing on any wires or other structures in the area.  Some squirrels will give birth to two litters of babies a year with an average of six babies per litter. This population explosion can drastically increase the amount of activity the homeowner will experience as well as increase the potential for damage.  


Innovative Wildlife Solutions multi-point inspection will determine the squirrel's main point of entry and any additional areas they could potentially access in the future.  Humane removal methods are used to evict the squirrels. Following removal, preventative screening is installed over the entry points to guarantee against future intrusion.  




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