Proactive and Humane


At Innovative Wildlife Solutions Inc., we like to turn the tables on the train of thought as to what the problem really is.
We believe that the home, building or structure is the problem instead of the animal itself. Being PROACTIVE with maintenance and animal proofing of your home will go a long way to preventing wildlife issues. 


Innovative Wildlife Solutions Inc. will perform a multi-point inspection of your home to identify the most likely areas that wildlife may try to enter. Preventative maintenance options will be offered to guarantee these areas against entry. 











When wildlife entry does occur, Innovative Wildlife Solutions Inc. will perform a HUMANE eviction of the animal(s). Various techniques can be used to accomplish this. In combination with securing of the entry point(s) and any other vulnerable areas, a warranty against re-entry will give the homeowner peace of mind going forward. 


With 20+ years of experience and 1000’s of issues solved, you can be ensured that a solution can be tailored to your needs and budget.





  • Animals in Attic 

  • Animals in Chimney 

  • Animals in walls and Vents 

  • Animals under sheds, decks, and additions 



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