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Innovative Wildlife Solutions Raccoon Removal

Mice Removal



Mice are one of the smallest animals we deal with but also one of the most common species to gain access into urban dwellings. Regardless of the age of the building, most homes do have some form of mouse activity in them.  It’s just a matter of whether they are in an area of the building in which their activity can be noticed.  Quite often they will enter via gaps and holes that already exist around the foundation, window sills, soffit line or roof line.  In other situations, they may chew through plastic vents or exposed wood on a roof or soffit.  Once they have entered, they can freely travel throughout the walls and attic using plumbing and electrical corridors as their main routes.



The longer mice stay in a den site, the more damage they can potentially cause through compaction of the insulation, depositing of urine and feces and chewing on any wires or other structures in the area.  Most people have the tendency to think mice are a fall and winter type of nuisance.  Mice will however enter buildings at any time of year if the opportunity is there.


Innovative Wildlife Solutions multi point inspection will determine the main points of entry for the mice and any areas they could potentially use to enter in the future.  Humane removal methods are used to evict the mice.  Preventative screening or caulking is installed over the entry points to guarantee against future intrusion.  



  • Locally owned and operated allows for faster response times

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Humane removal methods

  • Guarantee against re-entry

  • Speak directly to your service technician

  • Emergency Services

  • Extended service hours

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