Innovative Wildlife Solutions Raccoon Removal


Skunks are one of the most feared animals we deal with for an obvious reason, their distinct and lingering smell.  Once an object or area has been sprayed by a skunk, the powerful odour will remain for an extended time and may even return again in damp conditions. Skunks are a natural digger and will commonly live under sheds, decks, and steps. They will overturn grass in your yard in search of grubs and other insects. Occasionally they will fall into window wells or post holes where they are not able to climb out.  The removal of a skunk from this situation should certainly be left to a professional.



While skunks don’t cause much damage to a home structurally, the fear of the animal spraying is why people often want the skunks evicted from their property.  Damage caused to lawns and landscapes as the skunk searches for food can be a nightly occurrence. Interactions between skunks and pets can result in a trip to the vet or at the least, a late-night bath. 


Innovative Wildlife Solutions humanely removes the skunks from their den sites, usually with the use of “exit doors” and will install preventative screening around the structure to prevent re-entry, guaranteed. 





  • Locally owned and operated allows for faster response times

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Humane removal methods

  • Guarantee against re-entry

  • Appointment times tailored to customers schedule

  • Speak directly to your service technician

  • Emergency Services

  • Extended service hours