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Innovative Wildlife Solutions Raccoon Removal


Brown bats are a common species that live in the attics and walls of homes and businesses.  They will hibernate in these den sites and become active in the warmer temperatures of the spring and early summer when the insects become abundant. Their birthing season runs from the middle of June to July. It takes several weeks for the baby bats to grow to the point where they can fly on their own. For this reason, eviction of bat colonies is generally restricted during this time.




It may take several years for a bat colony to become noticed in a building.  However, their population can increase significantly over time.  The unexpected appearance of a bat during the middle of the night can be a frightening and stressful experience for homeowners and are often some of the most panicked calls we receive from our customers.


Bats can live a normal life, yet still be a carrier of rabies. With this in mind, handling of a bat should be left to a professional.  If a bat has come into contact with a person, it may be advisable to contact your local Public Health to report a possible bite and/or to discuss the potential of exposure to the rabies virus.


Bat droppings can carry fungus which will accumulate in the attic or walls of urban dwellings.  This fungus can cause a respiratory disease in humans called Histoplasmosis. 


Innovative Wildlife Solutions will identify the bat's main point of entry and areas of the building in need of preventative maintenance.  Bats will be evicted through the use of “exit doors” installed over the main points of entry. Once all of the bats have left the area, the entry point will be sealed permanently to prevent re-entry, guaranteed.





  • Locally owned and operated allows for faster response times

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Humane removal methods

  • Guarantee against re-entry

  • Appointment times tailored to customers schedule

  • Speak directly to your service technician

  • Emergency Services

  • Extended service hours

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