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Innovative Wildlife Solutions Raccoon Removal


Birds can be one of the most popular animals in areas of new urban development, especially Starlings. They commonly gather loose grass, twigs or paper garbage from the surrounding area to build their nests in kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. They will also take advantage of any small openings along the soffit or eave area of a home in order to gain access to an attic.  With birds becoming active at sunrise, their activity becomes the "wake-up" alarm for the homeowner. 

Pigeons are also one of the more common bird issues in urban settings.  While roosting on exposed ledges or behind building signs, the mess they leave behind can be unmistakable.




Birds commonly nest in areas for one main reason, to reproduce. While the young are growing up, their feces constantly accumulate in the area.  Feather mites become quite common in areas where birds live.  The mites can migrate away from the nest and enter the home via the stove or bathroom exhaust vent for example.  The odor from the ammonia in the bird feces can sometimes be noticed throughout the home.


Innovative Wildlife Solutions will identify the bird's main points of entry, remove the nesting material and permanently secure the entry point to prevent future intrusion, guaranteed. 




  • Locally owned and operated allows for faster response times

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Humane removal methods

  • Guarantee against re-entry

  • Appointment times tailored to customers schedule

  • Speak directly to your service technician

  • Emergency Services

  • Extended service hours

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